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Hardwood floors need good maintenance in order to sustain the quality service. Hardwood flooring provides an aesthetic charm to the floors. Just like the other products in the home need maintenance, so do the floor!

This blog mainly focuses on Timber Floor Polishing in Melbourne. You will be glad to find the various features of availing timber floor polishing. Please check out the official website of Profile Timber Floors for all the details. We wait to hear from you.

Why Floor Polishing Is Necessary?

Just like refreshing the wall colours of the rooms help in adding a tint of freshness in the house, and teaming up curtains helps in providing a colour contrast that is soothing to the eyes, you can try out playing around with the floors too. Most of the time, floors are neglected but do you know floors can actually make a statement and a wonderful impression? With Timber Floor Polishing in Melbourne you can keep your flooring durable and resistant.

Also people prefer to install this type of flooring due to its glossy texture and also accessible maintenance features. Property owners often polish the timber floors. This helps in preserving the shine on the surface. Besides that, timber polishing also increases the overall beauty and style of the property and provides a coating on the flooring for protection. So if you are interested in finding the perfect Timber Floor installation in Melbourne, please consult the team of experts at Profile Timber Floors. Our professionals are here to help you out. Get in touch with us soon.

Types of Finishes You May Consider for Timber Floor Polishing in Melbourne

It is a known fact that no matter how much effort you take to keep your timber floors clean, it would require polishing from time to time. The right polishing treatment of the floors will help them look the best.

When you consider polishing your timber floors, there are mainly two types of finishes that can be used:

  1. Polyurethane floor finishes

These are generally used in recent times and are found in either single packs or two packs formulations. Polyurethane floor finish is the most exemplary types of Timber Floor Polishing in Melbourne. You need to keep in mind that the fumes of this type of polishing are highly toxic. Make sure you wear protective gloves and the required clothes.

  1. Oil-based resins

These are not as tough as polyurethane. Normally, different names can know one particular thing. Floor polishing is also referred to as “buffing”. This helps in creating an attractive sheen. This is the best option that can be used on older timber floor installation in Melbourne.

  1. Wax Finish

Wax provides a low-sheen, natural look and is often used for heritage or period homes where maintaining an authentic feel is important. It's not as sturdy as polyurethane but can be easily touched up. The maintenance comprises periodic buffing and reapplication to keep the floors looking paramount.

  1. Acid-Cured Finish

Also known as Swedish finishes, acid-cured finishes are extremely durable and hard, making them suitable for high-traffic areas. They dry and cure rapidly, which minimizes downtime, but they do release strong fumes during application.

  1. Aluminum Oxide

Found mostly in prefinished flooring, this finish is extremely tough and resistant to scratches, making it ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic. It's not typically applied on site but is a good choice for those opting for prefinished timber flooring.

If you wish to find out more about Timber Floor Polishing in Melbourne, you can read out the official website of Profile Timber Floors. We have the most efficient minds working with us. We will help you out all the way possible. So ping us today. We wait to hear from you.

Advantages of Timber Floor Polishing

Styling trends regarding homes go in and out of style. When you consider designing your house, you need to upgrade every time. This also includes the floors. However, wooden floors have successfully stood the test of time. These are classic, environmentally friendly and also look great. Let us find out, in brief, the various advantages of Timber Floor Polishing in Melbourne.

  1. The effort to keep up the flooring is minimal

Timber floors are easy to maintain cleanliness. These can be swept easily and even mopped. Unlike carpet, which makes it difficult to clear out dirt, dust or hair, timber floors are easier to handle when it comes to cleaning. With floor polishing done, it becomes easier to maintain the aesthetic of the floor. This could be done with just weekly cleaning.

  1. Customization available

After you have availed of professional floor polishing, you can also opt to get it coloured or stained with the shade you like and prefer. This helps in bringing out the quality in the woods.

  1. Keep allergies and sickness at bay

Timber Floor Polishing in Melbourne helps to keep away from illness. It is one of most reliable flooring options that sustain a safer environment at your space when it comes to keeping germs away.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Timber is obtained from wood. Wood is an environmentally friendly product. When you are choosing timber to get your floors done, you are helping the immediate environment as well as the wider environment.

  1. Improve the value of your home

Wood flooring certainly gives a luxurious feeling by itself. These might look all the more magnificent once they are polished by the experts. Also, add to that the option of floor polishing.

Financial Implicationswith Timber Floor Polishing

Getting the perfect flooring for your place is essential for hassle free movement in the house. Also once the flooring is done it is crucial to maintain timber flooring to retain its durability. All of this requires a reliable budget planning to get desired results. Here are some financial implications with Timber Floor Polishing:

Type of Finish: The choice of finish can considerably affect cost. Standard polyurethane finishes are generally inexpensive, while high-end finishes like acid-cured or aluminum oxide are more expensive due to their durability and specialized application processes.

Condition of the Floor: The current state of your timber floors plays a major role in cost determination. Flooring with extensive repair, sanding, and preparation work before polishing includes high budget. Simple re-coatings are less expensive compared to full restorations that involve sanding down to bare wood.

Size of the Area: Larger floor areas certainly cost more to polish because they require more materials, time, and labor. Pricing is typically based on per square foot or per square meter, so precise measurements are essential for estimating costs.

Geographic Location: Costs associated with timber floor polishing in Melbourne can vary depending on your location. Urban areas might offer competitive pricing due to the availability of numerous service providers, whereas remote areas might incur added travel charges or higher rates due to restricted options.

Labor Costs: The complexity of the job and the expertise of the professionals involved can affect labor costs. Skilled craftsmen may charge more, but the quality of work often justifies the extra expense, especially for intricate patterns or finishes that require expert handling.

The Bottom Line

Timber floor polishing is an essential process in order to keep your flooring optimal for many years. With the right guidance and team work of a reliable contractor you can get desired floor polishing. So without any delay reach out to Profile Timber Floors. We transform your timber flooring with our precise polishing services. Add comfort to every step you take in your space with us!

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