9 Reasons why Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne will not let you down

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There are several homeowners who would not mind assuring you that timber floor installation in Melbourne is a fool-proof choice. Are you vexed about flooring choices? Are you not sure if timber is a good choice? This confusion is quite normal. This is what most homeowners think when they are about to go for renovation.

Let us chalk out for you, 9 reasons to go for timber flooring

Easy Installation

Renovation is a tough thing to undertake. It can take a few weeks. It may last up to a few months. Going for timber flooring will save you from a long installation period. Installing timber floors is relatively easier and takes less time. There are homeowners with working knowledge of installation who do it all by themselves. Timber floor installation in Melbourne is a time-savior.


Easy to Clean

The timber floor is easy to clean. The floor is the fastest place to get dirty. It needs regular cleaning. Hardwood timbers do not accumulate dust. Hence, it is quite easy to clean. Easy cleaning is definitely one of the prime reasons to go for timber floors.



If it is not for aesthetics then what for are we having a renovation? Floor installation adds massively to the aesthetic of living space. In this light, we can say that going for timber floor installation in Melbourne is a good choice. Timber is known to add warmth to homes. It makes the living space look beautiful and whole. Adding timber floors add freshness and a touch of nature to homes. In this era of increasing pollution, a dash of nature is what we all crave for.



Strength in timber floors is immense and it is this strength that makes it a durable option to go for. If you are looking for a long term solution to your floors then this is the right option to go for. Timbers add essence to your homes and when you go for high-quality timbers you add life, ensuring it's a lengthy one! So, have you made up your mind about timber floor installation in Melbourne?


Increased Re-sale Value

When the floors are good, it eventually increased the value of the property in the market. Having degraded and eroded floors will not get you a good rate. However, if you go for Solid timber floors then this will act in your favor when you are ready to move into another apartment.


Personalized Choice

Timber is such a versatile surface that you can get a lot of options in design and style. This helps in personalizing the floor based on your taste and design options. So, going for timber is not a drab choice. It will be interesting to pick from so many options. Are you all excited to go for timber floor installation in Melbourne?



Timber floors do not produce vibrations or hollow sounds. If that has been a reason of distraction for you than going for timber floors is going to help eliminate this issue. Experts in homes highly recommend timber floors. It is known for its ability to insulate sound, providing a quiet and serene environment that is perfect for both living and working spaces. Additionally, their natural resilience to wear and tear makes them a practical choice for high-traffic areas.


No Grout Lines

Timber floors do not have grout lines. Grout lines are the small spaces between tiles. Timber floors do not have that. This has two advantages. First, it prevents dust from getting accumulated in those spaces. Second, it makes cleaning a cakewalk. With timber floors, the house will look cleaner. Dust particles will not sit on floors. This will ensure a healthy and sanitized living environment. Go for timber floor installation in Melbourne.



Ageing in timber floors is hardly visible. With timber floors, you are sorted for long. There is no need to get it changed in a short time. Carpets on the other hand tend to get old. Homeowners have a tough time with carpets as it needs regular changing. The advantage that comes with carpets is lower pricing. With that, carpets are also easy to install and offer a lot of designs. 

A lot of home-owners that we come in contact with like to go for timbers because of so many advantages it offers. Of course, the price is comparatively high but that is completely fine when the benefits offered are so many.


How You Need to prepare before Timber Floor Installation?

Measure and Inspect the Area

Accurately measure the space to determine how much flooring material is needed. Also, inspect the subfloor to ensure it is leveled, stable, and free of any moisture issues. Any irregularities can cause problems after installation.


Acclimate the Timber

Timber flooring should be left in the room where it will be installed for several days before installation. This allows the wood to adjust to the room's temperature and humidity, reducing the risk of expansion or contraction post-installation.


Prepare the Subfloor

Clean the subfloor meticulously, removing all debris, dust, and existing flooring if needed. Repair any damages and ensure it's completely level. For concrete subfloors, check for moisture using a moisture meter and apply a moisture barrier if needed.


Gather Tools and Materials

Ensure you have all necessary tools and materials on hand before starting. This includes underlayment, a saw, nails or staples, a hammer, a tapping block, and a pull bar.


Plan the Layout

Plan how the boards will be laid out. Start from the longest wall and consider the direction of the light. Planning your layout can prevent wastage and achieve a more aesthetically pleasing finish.


Remove Obstructions

Clear the room of furniture and remove doors if possible to make installation hassle free. Check for any protruding nails or screws in the subfloor and remove or hammer them down.

Call up Profile Timber Floors

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Here we come to the end of our blog. Hope this effort in putting together genuine information has helped you. We encourage knowledge enhancement. Do care to check out as many blogs as you want over the internet before finally arriving at a solution. We hope your floors look great and feel great. We wish the best of you.

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