Is Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne Worth Your Money?

From the world itself, we can guess that this kind of flooring is a mix of more than one thing.Well, you are right! That’s what hybrid flooring is.

In this blog, we are going to tell you all about it and you can get a fine idea about Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne..   

Laminate and Vinyl are the two main components that go make up this flooring. When these two components combine, the result is hard-wearing flooring that’s durable, tough, and great to look at.

That looks like a good deal to go for! Isn’t it?

Blending laminate and vinyl helps eliminate the negative points of both. For example, laminate when used alone retains too much moisture, this leads to swelling. On the other hand, vinyl does not get installed well with a click and lock system as they need to be glued to the floor. However, when these two are combined they offer a flooring solution that is par excellence.

Structure of Hybrid Flooring

The Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne has a four-layer structure that makes it worth the investment.

This answers our primary question:

Is Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne Worth Your Money?     

Yes, it is!

With its durable structure, this product will go on for a long.

Here is how it is layered:

  • The very first layer is coated with UV rays protected. Hence, it is UV coated. This feature will prevent it from aging too fast. The UV layer is transparent.
  • After this, we have a decorative layer. This layer looks like timber. It adds warmth and a natural look to homes. It is suitable for office spaces as well.
  • Below the decorative layer, we have a limestone composite core board. This will make it temperature resistant as well as moisture resistant.
  • The last one is the underlay. This comes with acoustic backing enabling sound absorption. Buying Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne will save cost and time as it comes with an underlay. You do not have to think about it separately.

So, these were the four layers of hybrid flooring.

What do you think?

Are you still not sure about it? We understand.

We are here to offer more information. Stay put and read ahead.

Benefits of Hybrid Flooring

Easy to install and easy to repair the reason why both professionals and homeowners both recommend hybrid flooring in Melbourne is that it is easy to install and easy to repair. These are the two topmost time-consuming affairs.  

Flooring takes too long to get installed and it is annoying to deal with prolonged repair work as well. Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne is completely hassle-free. 

Installation of this type of flooring is so easy that it can be through a DIY method, with a little equipment. It is a floating floor, which means it has a click and lock system.

  • Affordable

With easy installation, hybrid flooring is a budget-friendly one as well. With a little planning and adequate saving, you can get this done in no time.

With a few tutorials online, you can easily learn the installing trick. If not, talk to the professionals who supply the flooring material. They may be able to help you out with the installation of Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne.

  • Stylish

Once you get the hybrid flooring done, be ready to receive compliments from all the visitors. Hybrid flooring looks great and feels great. It adds warmth and structure to the home. It brings about a remarkable difference in the way your home looks.

For an elevated aesthetic appeal, you know what you have got to do now!

Let us see what more benefits hybrid flooring offers:

  • Waterproof

When it comes to home décor, moisture is a bummer and it gets in the way of everything. With moisture-resistant technology, hybrid floorings in Melbourne are winning hearts. Keep the complication of warping and swelling at bay with this simple and easy quick fix!

  • Durable

With its 4-layer structure hybrid flooring offers the goodness of laminate and vinyl. Thus, this flooring solution is one of the toughest options in the market. Homeowners like to go for durable solutions. After all, we want to put the best in our homes. Durability keeps repairing away for a long time.

Go for durable flooring solutions! Go for hybrid floorings in Melbourne!

  • Low Maintenance

Hybrid flooring is low maintenance. It offers a luxury appeal but does not demand a luxury care routine. A simple cleaning routine is all you need! We know a demanding addition to the home is undesirable. This flooring won’t trouble you at all!

Hybrid Floorings May Have These Problems

Hybrid floorings have some disadvantages as well.

At Profile Timber Floors, we are a massive believer in transparency. Hence, we provide the most authentic information to all our visitors and potential customers. 


One thing that you will for sure notice is that hybrid floorings in Melbourne are cheaper than timbers. However, you will also come to know that hybrid floorings cost more than simple vinyl flooring or laminate flooring.


This flooring solution is prone to scratches and dents. It is for sure durable and sturdy but you will have trouble keeping it scratch-free.

Fading & Discoloration

The UV coating does help a good deal in preventing discoloration. Yet, it cannot keep it away for too long. Eventually, discoloration and fading happen and the floor ceases to look quite as new.

A good tip to prevent discoloration is using woven rugs. Latex and rubber mats are NOT suitable for hybrid floorings in Melbourne.

This was all from our end. Hope you have obtained valuable information about hybrid flooring. To know about Hybrid flooring prices in Melbourne, feel free to shoot an email to [email protected]

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