French Oak Flooring in Melbourne – Reliving nature

Who does not love good wood especially when it is inside the house! French oak flooring in Melbourne is more than just fine wood. It is amongst the most distinct and beautiful options in the vast world of unusual and elegant hardwood flooring. Its unique, classic look brings warmth and vitality to a home, making it the best option for flooring in any house. Its distinct weathered look gives it great acceptance. Its high-quality and durability complements its look and charm.

The unique grain and royal appeal of French oak floor cannot be compared to any flooring available in the market. With its sophisticated and distinctive look, French oak flooring in Melbourne is easy to clean and simple to maintain. Choosing a company like Profile Timber, that deals in manufacturing and takes responsibility for supplying and installing, is a wise decision to make. This will save you a lot of trouble and also, a lot of money in the long term.

Investing in hardwood flooring is a big decision and you definitely would like to make the most of what you pay and you will be able to get this only when you pay attention to making a contract with a reputed professional company. There is no doubt that flooring is very important and is, in fact, one of the basic necessities of a home, office or a shop. In addition, French oak flooring in Melbourne will give your home a traditional antique look. Its popularity is also because along with looks, it lasts long and the distinct colours in which French oak floors are available do not fade easily. 

Reasons why oak flooring is the right choice for your space

If you are thinking of installing high-quality hardwood flooring in your living room, you should opt for oak flooring.

  1. Oak flooring is one of the finest flooring options when compared to other hardwood flooring materials available in the market.
  2. French oak flooring in Melbourne is available in colours capable of complementing any home décor giving a uniform look throughout the home, office or shop, wherever it is installed.
  3. Oak flooring more often than not comes in pale yellow colour which darkens with time enhancing the overall appeal of the space where it gets installed.
  4. Oak flooring is easy to clean and maintain.
  5. It is long lasting and does not fade or discolour easily.
  6. The oak flooring can be installed easily. They can be glued or nailed to any existing location.
  7. European oak flooring in Melbourne is available from unfinished to pre-finished, solid and engineered options at a reasonable price.

The base where you tread needs to be strong and quiet. Many reputed and renowned companies like Profile Timber offer a variety of flooring options nowadays. Remember, not all flooring is equal. You have to be careful while buying the right floor for your home or space where you want it to get installed. Once you buy and install fine solid wood flooring, it is very important you keep significant points in mind so that you keep it clean and well-maintained.

Some of the companies like Profile Timber provide you with French oak flooring in Melbourne that is aged in such a way that no one will be able to distinguish it from antique flooring. Apart from private homes, today offices, shops, hotels, and restaurants are also putting emphasis on oak flooring. With a soft oil finish, you have easier maintenance of the floor.

No matter how well seasoned, oiled and waxed the wood is, when designed for flooring, it has to remain hydroscopic. The moisture content of the wood and the moisture in the atmosphere both come in equilibrium and this harms the texture, feel, durability and above all, looks of the floor. Thus, many of the people prefer engineered French oak flooring in Melbourne so that they get the look, feel and durability of the oak without any disadvantage of installing a wooden floor. You have reasonably priced flooring available at reasonable rates as well.

If you wish to opt for timber flooring for your new home or you are planning the renovation of your house, oak flooring is the right choice for you. It is definitely going to add to the beauty and interior of your living or dining room. The most significant advantage of French oak flooring is its sheer beauty and appeal.

A deeper look into the French oak flooring in Melbourne

Oak flooring is pretty easy to install, extremely hard-wearing, and far more reasonably priced than just about any wood flooring. As the homeowners look for better alternatives to the more fragile, costly, and hard to install hardwood, oak flooring is becoming extremely trendy. Not only do you add the beauty of the authentic wooden floor, but you save money, particularly if you decide to install it yourself, something that is barely an option for hardwood floors for most of the people.

Everyone loves the rich colours that French oak flooring in Melbourne provides, which makes oak floors a truly awesome pick. These durable floors will add a stylish, dramatic, and classy look to your house, creating a kind of warmth that welcomes everyone who walks in through the front door. The cheaper, easier to install oak flooring comes in many natural colours, including honey shades and some which are nearly cherry coloured.

There are quite a few companies that deal in oak flooring. A well-known brand that offers French oak flooring in Melbourne is Profile Timber. We are a reputable company offering a wide selection of oak flooring in their collections, but there are also many more brands out there in the market for you to investigate. You should browse through their selections as well before choosing the flooring that is right for your home or office decor.

Profile Timber is a fairly old player in the field of French oak flooring in Melbourne, and we have recently become quite popular. This is primarily due to the ease of installation, but our affordability and style are not lacking in the least. We have one of the most stunning selections on the Australian market. In addition, our range is just as gorgeous, providing a much deeper colour. Though these floors can be used anywhere in your house, if not everywhere, some of the offerings have bevelled edges which are an awesome way to add a decorative essence to entryways & living areas.

If you are looking to attain a certain charm or feeling of nostalgia within your house, a suggested area that more often than not gets overlooked is flooring. French oak flooring in Melbourne is characterized by exceptional trademarks such as stress cracks, nail holes, and wood knots. The natural worn look of aging patina adds a kind of warmth not easily acquired by other design elements. Old factories, barns, mills, and breweries provide you with wood reclamation sources across the world. As all of this material differs in age, quality, and appearance, there are now diverse flooring grades to categorize the wood. By knowing what every grade entails, you will be able to make a profitable investment in a kind of antique oak to meet all of your house design needs. Contact Profile Timber for installing French oak flooring in Melbourne.

Oak contains a lot of ‘tannin’. Tannin gives a ‘bitter’ aftertaste, helpful in the production of ‘red wine’; hence a lot of wine used to be stored in oak casks. Tannin also prevents the oak against ‘infestation’ of parasites & mould. Different species of oak provide different characteristics for wine, and a lot of producers have to select between American & French oak for the flavour they require.

Oak takes a very long time to mature - anywhere between 15 and 150 years, depending upon the kind. Acorns will not come into view until the oak is mature, but can take a lot of more years to begin growing. The quality of French oak flooring in Melbourne varies with the growing conditions of the oak. Oaks with the finest grain is more often than not those grown unhurriedly on well-drained soil.

Oak is a dense, heavy wood. This makes it good for hand carvings as you can obtain much more detail in dense pieces of wood. It is also extremely heavy, the old pieces were bulky and incredibly heavy, more up to date pieces are made of less wood, however, can still be extremely heavy compared to woods like pine. Green oak is pretty easy to split making it very simple to get the wood into pieces for seasoning. The qualities that French oak flooring in Melbourne has been amazing. Oak wood has hard, open grain; it is strong, durable, and heavy; white oak especially has the ability to retain its strength even when in wet conditions. Today, many items are made of oak veneer that is applied over other timbers naturally composite wood. Oak veneered furniture doesn’t have the same characteristics & features as solid oak furniture, so be certain to choose the right type of French oak flooring in Melbourne.

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