European oak Flooring in Melbourne - The Best Option of Exotic Hardwood Flooring

It does not matter whether you have been looking forward to installing a floor in your home or any other place, you should definitely go for oak floors. Nothing compares with the sophistication and majestic appeal of the European oak flooring in Melbourne. In fact, it is the sheer charm of a European oak floor that attracts many. The best thing is that you get sturdiness and steadfastness along with good looks when you opt for these floors. Above all, the beauty is not going to diminish with time. In other words, it stands the test of time. In fact, the colour you get with time enhances the overall charisma and appeal of your interior decor.

In addition to the other benefits, installing oak floors is not expensive these days. So, you can get a sophisticated and classy décor without spending much. Since there are many suppliers of European oak flooring in Melbourne markets, it is very important that you select the one that has experience in this field. There are many factors which you should keep into account before shopping for the flooring.   

Engineered or solid wood

You need to decide beforehand whether you would like to go with engineered oak flooring or the real solid wood one. If you wish to have the latter one, be prepared to look for a sustainable product and also be prepared to pay more. No doubt you would get that real wood feeling beneath your footsteps and the European oak flooring in Melbourne will definitely be quieter than the engineered one, but engineered ones can be more stable and less prone to damages.

Conventionally, hardware flooring used to come in thick planks of solid timber. In the recent times, even when solid hardwood is available, many companies are opting for engineered ones. These have a thin top layer of hardwood which is bonded with other layers designed to prevent the flooring from expansion and contraction cycles. They restrict the natural movement of the wood with the help of technology.

Engineered European oak flooring in Melbourne takes less time to get installed, looks just the same as the real solid ones and in fact, it looks neater and flatters as well. However, in spite of the advantages and convenience of engineered flooring, many of the homeowners still prefer solid wood. They have their own reasons and some prefer going with the natural feel, texture, look and class that the real solid wood flooring offers.     

Prefinished or site finished

When you go buying timber flooring in Melbourne, you can choose the solid wood with a raw face and get it finished by a professional after installation. Another option is the prefinished one which comes with the stain and the topcoat already applied. The most remarkable advantage of the prefinished ones is that you know exactly what you are going to get.  

Secondly, the site finished one may not give you the desired results because the work will depend on the expertise of the professional you have hired. Prefinished European oak flooring in Melbourne also saves a lot of installation time. However, many of the homeowners prefer the on-site finish of timber flooring because they get the leverage of customizing the floor and it appeals a lot to many homeowners as well as designers. They have the control over the stain and sheen this way. 

Oil or polyurethane finish

There are plenty of finishing products when it comes to buying European oak flooring in Melbourne. To simplify, here two categories are discussed – oil or polyurethane. Oil offers the look and feel that is very soft, matte and natural because it penetrates the wood whereas polyurethane provides a hard topcoat on the surface of the flooring which is more resilient to wear and tear. People with small children at home find this very practical.

Oil finish can get scratches very easily, but at the same time makes these scratches less noticeable. With polyurethane, you need to replace the board or buff and get it recoated. Moreover, oil finish oak flooring is easy to maintain as compared to the polyurethane one. 

There are many types of wood

Although there are different types of wood used for flooring, European oak flooring in Melbourne is the king of hardware flooring because it is very durable and takes stains well. However, it comes to personal preferences when you go choosing colour and grain of the oak flooring. Remember when you are considering the plank width, a sense of luxury and expense comes with the wider one. Therefore, select the flooring prudently. Most of the times, it is a one-time investment and demands patience and wise thinking. 

European oak flooring in Melbourne is undoubtedly one of the main ways to perk up the elegance of your house. Hardwood floors add a touch of panache to any house regardless of origin, but of all hardwood floors, oak occupies a high-flying place. Traditional aged oak, brown oak or engineered oak floors; all add warmth to any interior and generate an exclusive finish that makes a statement about ‘decorative finesse’.

Once upon a time, the hardwood floor was an absolute rule, without exception. Over time, novel surfaces appeared that were time and again less pricey, less maintenance or seen as more modern, replaced the noble post of the conventional hardwood flooring.

European oak flooring in Melbourne is available in different grades & varieties. When you arrive at your initial selection, whether you go with American oak or European oak, there will be a selection of flooring grades from rustic, provincial, classic, character, country or prime. The key distinction between them is the amount of variation in timber grain pattern, knots and figuring. Take for case in point, the prime European oak flooring in Melbourne has a straighter grain pattern, ideal for a modern look, whereas the rustic grade is distinguished by a fair amount of natural figuring. The cost price will differ within the grades, but all of it comes down to individual taste and the suitable look to go with your house. 

Add value and a charm to your home with European oak flooring in Melbourne

Solid oak, character flooring is a natural product, and this is how you want the wood to remain. If you chose cautiously the correct floor colour tone, a solid oak wooden floor has the potential to go well with any interior environment. Utilizing chemicals is considered a superior manner to colour oak floorboards as it adds depth & a layering effect of colour tones, thus it looks totally natural unlike when utilizing simple stains. You will have to get hold of a specialist, bespoke flooring company that install European oak flooring in Melbourne to achieve such an effect as such processes are considered trade secrets. If you do find such a company (Profile Timber is a good option) and you are looking for oak flooring with depth, character and a fine rustic feel, you should select chemical processing.

If you are thinking about acquiring oak flooring for your kitchen or any other high-traffic area, it is advisable to make use of only solid oak wood or European oak flooring in Melbourne. This is because they don’t get spoiled simply by a water spill, unlike cheap thin laminates for case in point.

If you are looking for truly aged oaks, you should take into consideration salvaged, antique, reclaimed, and used old oak planks. You truly cannot beat an authentic old, reclaimed oak floor or reclaimed hardwood floors. It is not merely the story the old oak timber flooring holds, it is the knowledge that you have possession of a piece of genuine history, a 100 per cent eco-friendly floor which you have saved from a landfill. All character marks on these old European oak flooring in Melbourne are a blessing, such as nail holes, scrapes, scratches, cracks, dents, shakes, these are the details which bring out the beauty and glaze of a genuinely reclaimed oak floor.

If you have need of the same effect, but for underfloor heating, you shall require engineered oak floorboards, which have been processed chemically and aged by expert craftsmen. It is likely to recreate such a reclaimed effect however it is not easy; it takes a lot of time and skill from artistic wood folk. The main trick is to produce a surface that is not flat, as all authentic reclaimed oak floorboards have deformed over the years, to have a completely flat face would be a fake representation. You have to ‘keep an eye’ out on these details if you are to generate a genuine reclaimed look & an engineered board with true age & character.

If you attain this look after purchasing European oak flooring in Melbourne, it will add to the value of your house. If you plan to sell the home, the potential buyers will without a doubt be attracted by the warmth and flooring sophistication it will add to your home.

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