Is pre finished oak in Melbourne better than the traditional options?

Oak flooring is a much talked about topic. Natural wood can transform our homes into a sanctuary. Out of all, oak flooring is the best option to go for.

Now, how do you know if it’s the right choice? Or, once you have it installed how to take care of it?

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What is pre finished oak?

pre finished oak in Melbourne and across globe refers to oak flooring that has been factory-finished with a protective layer of sealant or coating before it is installed.

Unlike unfinished oak flooring, which requires sanding, staining, and sealing on-site after installation, pre finished oak arrives ready to be installed immediately.

How is it manufactured?

During the manufacturing process, the oak planks are coated with multiple layers of sealant, typically a durable polyurethane or aluminum oxide finish, using advanced machinery and techniques.

This pre-finishing process provides several advantages, including increased durability, enhanced moisture resistance, and reduced installation time and labor costs.

pre finished oak flooring offers a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes to suit various design preferences and architectural styles.

Additionally, the factory-applied finish ensures consistency in appearance and quality across the entire floor, resulting in a uniform and professional-looking installation.

Overall, pre finished oak flooring provides convenience, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Quick facts about pre finished oak in Melbourne

Homeowners while building or renovating their houses are embracing Pre Finished Oak in Melbourne.

Oak flooring is one of the most popular hardwood flooring options in the market. Hardwood reigns supreme when it comes to adding warmth, beauty and value to your home.

Interestingly there is a wide array of prefinished solid wood flooring abounding the market. Everyone dreams of building their dream homes.

The flooring of your house is one of the important parts of your home furnishing. Apart from looking good, it has to have certain qualities making it practical and reliable.

Laying wooden floors in your rooms help to avail the perfect insulation. In this article we shall look into five interesting facts about Pre Finished Oak in Melbourne.

Why Should You Pick pre finished Oak in Melbourne?

So, let’s get started.

  1. A pre finished oak floor is a floorboard that has undergone extensive treatment along with the coating. This is sealed in the factory. Earlier in the days, unfinished hardwood flooring was the backbone of the flooring industry. However, that has gradually changed.
  2. pre finished oak flooring has a higher quality finish as compared to unfinished oak flooring. As compared to other woods, pre finished oak requires little maintenance. This type of flooring comes in two colors, i.e. red and white.

You need to choose a color of pre finished Oak in Melbourne that will match the overall appearance of your room.

  1. Engineered wood has a total of three layers. The topmost layer is a fancy looking one. This is the layer that you will be exposed to.

The second layer that follows is a strong supportive layer is a strong supportive layer. This is made of plywood, particle board or medium-density fiberboard. The final layer is a stabilizing back layer.

This results in providing a beautiful floor that doesn’t buckle in areas of changing moisture.

  1. A floor designed with the best quality pre finished Oak in Melbourne is easy to install and also lasts long, sometimes for centuries. The tough, UV cured factory applied topcoat outlasts longer than the one that is applied on-site.

Ways to Clean and Maintain pre finished Oak

Getting pre finished oak flooring for your place is a wonderful idea. It is a significant investment that you need to protect. Cleaning is not a difficult task but you should know the rules to keep the floor looking at its finest.

Routine Cleaning

Dust the floors daily to keep it at its peak. A mop with a microfiber mop head is the most convenient cleaning tool in cleaning the floors made of pre finished Oak in Melbourne. If you are using a broom, check if the bristles are soft.

Daily dusting should be enough to keep the floors clean. However, if you are dealing with high traffic area then, you may need to follow an extensive care routine.

Weekly Vacuum with a natural bristled brush attachment

Even after daily cleaning of the oak wood floors, dirt and debris are generally found in the nooks and corners. This can be combated with a weekly vacuuming session. Make sure you use natural bristles to prevent scratches and damage.

Use a microfiber mop as required

Dirt that sits loose on pre finished Oak in Melbourne can be cleaned thoroughly with a cleaning mop. After you mop the floor, make sure there is no standing water left on the floor.

Protect the floor by using mats and rugs

Place area rugs and door mats in areas experiencing high foot-traffic. Make sure the quality of the rug and mat is high.

Use felt floor protectors under chairs and furniture

These are readily available at home improvement stores. Groceries keep these floor protectors in store.


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