At Profile Timber Floors we specialize in the Installation of Timber Flooring, European Oak, Parquetry and Engineered Flooring. Our trained staff will work with you to ensure that the correct system is used for your project.


There are many types of floor finishes currently available in the market place. At Profile Timber Floors we take the time to recommend the best product to suit your needs and your lifestyle.

Oil-Based/Solvent Based Finishes

Finishes containing oil-based alkyds with the addition of urethanes provide a finish with reasonably good abrasion resistance. A strong odor is prevalent during application but dispels as the floor dries. These finishes provide a subdued, satin to semi-gloss appearance. This product darkens with time and requires greater Maintenance especially in high traffic areas.

Polyurethane Finishes

Solvent-based polyurethanes (one pack and two pack) provide a harder finish. This greatly reduces the level of routine maintenance. They provide some of the hardest finishes available today with gloss levels from Matt through to a very High Gloss. A strong odor is prevalent during application but dispels as the finish dries. Du e to their high strength and generally limited flexibility, edge bonding of boards can occur.

Water Based Finishes

Some water based polyurethane/acrylic mixes of moderate durability are available but straight one and two pack water based polyurethanes with very good wear resistance are gaining in popularity. Matt through to Gloss finishes are available.

Wax Based Finishes

These finishes provide a very natural look of the timber. They allow for the timber to breathe and move seasonally. They will not edge bond and there is minimal odor during and after the application of this product. This product will not discolor, crack flake or peel. It's available in Matt Satin and Gloss.

The wear on a floor becomes visible by means of scratches or in the reduced level of shine on the surface of the floor. This is a natural process, regardless of the floor chosen. Sooner or later the floor will need to be re sanded and polished. How long this takes depends on the general wear and tear of the floor and the cleaning of the floor.

Matt Finish

Matt Finish gives an Impression that the floor is completely untreated bear wood, just sanded or treated with natural oil. The floor treated with a Matt Finish does not shine and looks quite natural, but needs less care.

Satin Finish

Satin Finish is the in between of Matt and Gloss. It has a bit of "shine", allowing the wood floor to look natural.

Gloss Finish

Gloss Finish makes your wood floor lustrous and impressive. Its smooth surface reflects other elements of your interior and can make your room look larger. Scratches are more apparent on the floor and more care is needed to maintain the floor.

Customer Guide to Polishing Timber Floors

Modern sanding Machines are fitted with dust collecting equipment and our sanders will endevour to clean dust away by vacuuming and wiping down surfaces. However it is virtually impossible to totally eliminate dust from the job. Hence, there will always be some dust particles that settle on the newly finished floor.

Any Silicone on a floor will cause rejection of subsequent coats of polyurethane.

Halogen down lights produces a cobweb effect on the coatings. You may get slight marking on skirting boards from contact with edger. That is why it is recommended to leave painting of skirting and quads until after the boards have been finished.

On existing Flooring deep cuts, gouges or stains on boards are difficult to eliminate from the floor Filling Gaps between the boards. These gaps are not filled because timber naturally expands and contracts and this will cause cracking in between the board.

Variation in Color will naturally occur between New and Old boards.