When it comes to deciding how to install your floors it is important for follow the recommendations outlined in you installation guide for your flooring. For Engineered Timber Floors we highly recommend gluing the floor down rather than floating it, it will give you a solid feel and eliminate the bouncy feeling often associated with floating 

For years, Bostk Ultraset® has been a market leading brand in hardwood flooring adhesives. It has been tried, tested and proven by professional tradesman and eager DIY renovators alike. 

From solid and engineered hardwoods, Bostik technologies are designed to improve durability, acoustic properties and comfort to enhance living spaces.


Subfloor preparation is vitally important to the look, the feel and the longevity of your flooring. Uneven subfloors can result in numerous problems such as bouncy floors, squeaking joins or in extreme cases broken locking mechanisms.

Acoustic products reduce impact sound levels & help with insullation within your home & working environments

We can arrange to do an in slab moisture test.  Site conditions can vary immensely and products required to do the job could differ. 

Based on results we can then supply a customised flooring installation solution for your job from our range of self-levelling, acoustic matting or plywood 


The professional care of parquet and hardwood is a decisive factor in the protection and maintenance of your Floors

valuable floors after they have been finished.Our wide range of products means that you will find just the right solution for every application.

The Spray Mop Set from Loba is the perfect solution for fast and easy cleaning of your parquet, hardwood and cork floors without needing a bucket. This system is very easy to use – simply add cleaner to the bottle, spray and wipe for perfect results!

  • Fast and easy cleaning with no bucket required
  • Spray Mop has an integrated spray system
  • Eliminates excess moisture on the floor
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly