• Species in Detail Common Names Blackbutt, Coastal Blackbutt Look & Features Exhibits pinholes, dark gum veins and some surface checking Botanical Name Eucalyptus Pilularis Colour colour fairly even from a light honey through to golden nutty browns


Australian Timber Hardwoods are some of the most beautiful timbers in the world. With a Choice of Grades and variety of widths and colors your project will be enhanced by the elegant look of Solid Timber Flooring

Grade Descriptions

Select Grade: The Features that are present in Select grade flooring are relatively small and few in number, and although they are visible the features do not dominate the appearance of the floor.

Standard Grade (Medium Feature): Flooring in this grade will be moderately featured. Gum veins, gum pockets, insect trails, burls and borer holes, are some of the characteristic’s that will be more prevalent in Standard Grade.

Feature Grade (High Feature): Feature grade flooring is heavily peppered with natural features particularly large gum veins.

Prestige Grade: Prestige Grade is a Combination of Select Grade & High end Standard Grade

Rustic Grade: A full featured floor to provide an old world charm. It may contain features that are more prominent than Feature Grade but with the structural integrity of a Feature Grade Floor. 

Grades Vary depending on Size of board - Select, Standard, Feature Grade, Prestige Grade & Rustic Grade 

All packs are Random length 0.9 and Longer

All flooring is Tongue & Groove & End Matched

All flooring is Kiln Dried - 9-14% Moisture Content as per AS2796.1

PRODUCT                                                WIDTHS                                   THICKNESS                                                                                  
 Overlay  83mm  12mm, 14mm
 Fourteen  130mm,180mm  14mm
 Traditional Flooring  80mm, 130mm  19mm 
 Wideboard Flooring   180mm, 210mm   21mm, 23mm 









Australian Chestnut grows in the Gippsland Area of Victoria Light Brown Tones from light Blond to the darker browns
(Eucalyptus Piluris)
Blackbutt grows in the coastal forests of New South Wales from Bega on the South coast up to Queensland

Colour fairly even from a light honey through to golden nutty browns - sapwood is distinctively paler

 Exhibits pinholes, dark gum veins and some surface checking  

 Blackbutt 9.1 
(Tristania Conferta)
A large hardwood which grows on the edge of the rainforest from the central coast of New South Wales to Bowen, Queensland  Heartwood varies in color form a pinkish grey to a rich reddish brown  Brushbox  9.5
(Eucalyptus Grandis)
   Heartwood Pink to pale reddish Brown Flooded Gum   7.5
(Eucalyptus Microcarpa)
Medium sized Hardwoods of the central and North Coast districts of new South Wales and Southern Queensland. Occasionally found in Eastern Victoria.  Heartwood pale Yellowish brown Flooded Gum   15
(Eucalyptus Propinqua)
Grey Gum grows in the central coastal districts of New South Wales to Marlborough in Queensland  Red Browns to Pink  Grey Gum  14
(Eucalyptus Diversicolor)
Jarrah grows in the south west corner of Western Australia  Varies from rich browns to deep reds   8.5

(Eucalyptus Andreswii)
New England Blackbutt grows in the coastal ranges of New South Wales and Southern Queensland  Pale brown, sometimes with a pinkish tinge    9.5
(Eucalyptus Sideroxylon)
Red Iron Bark grows in north central Victoria and in New South Wales Dark red

(Corymbia Maculata)
Spotted Gum grows in the coastal districts from the New South Wales/Victorian border region to Marlborough in Queensland A very strong timber, the color varies from pale grey browns to dark brown or chocolate  Spotted Gum    
(Eucalyptus Salinga)
Sydney Blue Gum grows in the central districts from Bateman Bay in New South Wales to Southern Queensland  Color varies from soft brown reds to deep rich reds  Sydney Blue Gum 9.0 
(Eucalypts Microcorys)
Tallowood grows in the coastal areas in New South Wales up to Marlborough in Queensland
 Yellowish brown with a tinge of olive green Tallowood   8.6


Eucalyptus delgatensis

Eucalyptus obliqua

Eucalyptus Regnans

Tasmanian Oak grows in Tasmania Victoria and New South Wales




Varies from pale pink to pale brown


(Syncarpia Glomulifera)
Turpentine grows in the coastal areas of New South Wales and in the eastern coastal areas of Queensland Color varies from warm to deep reddish brown to deep chocolate brown

(Eucalyptus Regnans
Eucalyptus Viminalis
Eucalyptus Delgatensis
Eucalyptus Oblique)
This group grows in Tasmania, Victoria and NSW  The timber varies in color from pale straw to warm soft browns and light pink. The grain is usually very straight because most boards are quarter sawn    4.9
(Eucalyptus Muellerana)
Yellow Stringybark grows in Southern NSW and e astern Victoria  Color varies from medium to yellow brown  Yellow Stringybark  8.5